Our Training Programs

Our Programs are strategically designed so that One Stop Career Center participants from Ocean County, Monmouth County, and Atlantic County never have any out of pocket expense when taking one of our programs.

Ocean County Participants -$7,000 -Selected Exams are Included

Monmouth County Participants -$5,000 -Selected Exam(s) are Included

Atlantic County Participants -$5,000 -Selected Exam(s) are Included

One Stop Participants from other Counties, please inquire

To learn more about the classes that BARPCTRAINING.COM offers, just click on the link of the class that you are interested in.

      1. A+ Certified & VMware Certified Associate

      2. Certified Microsoft Medical Office Specialist and QuickBooks

      3. Certified Microsoft Office Specialist & QuickBooks

      4. Certified Microsoft Office Specialist w/ Project & QuickBooks

      5. Legal & Medical Business Accounting Professional

      6. Legal & Medical Business IT Professional

      7. Legal & Office Accounting Professional

      8. Microsoft Medical Enhanced Office Specialist

      9. Microsoft Medical Enhanced Office Specialist & Accounting

      10. Microsoft Medical Office Specialist

      11. Microsoft Medical Office Specialist & Accounting

      12. Microsoft Medical Office Specialist w/Project

      13. Microsoft Office Specialist

      14. Microsoft Office Specialist & Accounting

      15. Microsoft Office Specialist w/Project

      16. Microsoft Office Specialist w/Project & Accounting

      17. Server 2012 Security Specialist

Unordered & Ordered Lists

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